Telescopic handlers used in various industries 

Telescopic handlers, or forklifts, are modern vehicles that have a very wide range of work. Thanks to their capabilities, they can turn into various functional vehicles and find their use in various construction jobs and more. I invite you to read the article to familiarise yourself with their use. 

machine at work on site

What is a telehandler? 

A telehandler is a handling device. In order to use such a machine, it is necessary to have the relevant authorisations issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. The machine consists of a wheeled chassis with a variable boom. The loader is fitted with interchangeable attachments that give the machine its functionality. This allows us to transform the loader into a lift, tractor and forklift, among other things. This means that it has many applications in various fields of construction, agriculture and beyond. 

The most popular accessory: 

  • Spoon, 
  • gripper, 
  • passenger basket, 
  • mower, 
  • plough. 

Telescopic handlers fall into two categories: 

telehandler at work on a construction site

Frontal - have the boom on the right-hand side and the operator's cab and arm are stationary, preventing horizontal movement. They have a high lifting capacity, up to 20 tonnes, so are typically used for handling and lifting heavy loads. 

Rotating - are based on a turntable that allows horizontal movement in this case. The operator's cab and arm, can make a full rotation. The advantage of these machines is that they can lift loads up to more than 30 metres. 


Construction - most commonly, the telehandler is used in the construction industry. Thanks to its high lifting capacity, it can easily move heavy structures and building materials. In addition, it has no problem working on difficult and ditched terrain.  

Agriculture - With the appropriate attachments fitted, we can efficiently convert the loader into a seed drill and also transport animal feed. When farming, telehandlers can be used to transport crops from the field and place them in storage. 

Forestry - by applying grapples, the telehandler is ideal for loading and unloading felled trees. The machine will help us to lift and transport heavy logs and boards. This is the principle used by sawmills of all kinds.  

telescopic loader transports hay bales

Functional device

Telescopic handlers are increasingly being chosen for their functionality. We can very quickly transform the machine into a grapple or a lift. The machine will prove itself in various fields of work, their use is almost unlimited. As a result, we are increasingly opting for the telehandler. 

Questions and answers

Can I convert a telehandler into an excavator?

Yes, with interchangeable attachments we can easily transform the loader into an excavator and more.

Is a telehandler suitable for working at heights?

Yes, we can convert a telehandler into a lift, so we can transport cargo and people to the required height.