Become a telehandler operator 

two telescopic handlers in the hall

As the ERGON Personnel Improvement Centre, we have many years of experience in teaching the operation of telescopic handlers. With us you will find a wide range of training courses giving authorisations to operate and maintain equipment that is subject to the Office of Technical Inspection or the Transport Technical Inspection. 

Our staff consists exclusively of experienced trainers who, while sharing their knowledge, also pass on their insights and practices from the industry.  

With us you will pass the state exam! 

What does the course look like?

The course programme consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. To reduce the time you spend acquiring new knowledge, we offer online and on-site classes. 

Training program

During the training we cover topics such as: 

  • basic knowledge of telehandlers, 
  • activities and responsibilities of the operator, 
  • types of forklift trucks, 
  • the necessary UDT documentation, 
  • health and safety knowledge, 
  • training on telehandlers, 
  • practical tasks as in the examination. 

When you choose training with ERGON you are guaranteed: 

  • 100% preparation for the state exam 
    under the guidance of specialists,  
  • learn all you need to know in order to pass the exam and get a job, 
  • theoretical part classes remotely, 
  • practice on the machines already during training, 
  • choose an open group or organise closed-door training at the company's premises. 
telescopic loader transporting bales of hay

Validity of allowances

UDT authorisations for telehandler operators are valid for 5 years. You must then apply for their renewal at least 3 months before the expiry date and include a certificate of having worked with loaders for a minimum of 3 years. 

We train for licences to operate and maintain machines from companies such as:  

  • Everun,  
  • Weidemann,  
  • Wacker,
  • Neuson,  
  • Bobcat,  
  • JCB.

Conditions for taking part in the course 

  • at least 18 years of age,  
  • medical certificate of no contraindication, 
  • min. primary education. 

Telescopic loader specifications 

They are a type of specialised forklift truck which is classified as a mechanical lift truck incorporating a boom. 

In addition, they are distinguished by, for example, 4-wheel drive or hydrostatic drive. Specialised trolleys are equipped with suitable tyres so that they can operate on difficult surfaces. 

The variable overhang found on the Manitou allows the load to be lifted up to 20 tonnes and to a height of max. 30 metres. 

telescopic loader with selected attachments

Telescopic loaders can be fitted with attachments for jobs such as: gardening, agricultural or municipal work. Interchangeable attachments allow the telehandler to replace, for example, a mobile platform, forklift or crane. 


Most commonly attached loader accessories these include:  

  • spoons, 
  • pitchforks, 
  • mowers, 
  • ploughs, 
  • working platforms. 

Types of telehandlers 

  • rigid, frontal - having the operator's cab mounted on the machine frame. This type of loader achieves a lifting capacity of 2 to 20 tonnes. In addition, the loader can have side supports and an outreach of up to 20 metres. 
  • swivel - have swivel heads, allowing the boom position to be changed by 360 degrees and the position of the operator's cab to be changed. The reach of this type of loader is up to 30 metres, with a lifting capacity of 3 - 5 tonnes. 

Other training

Join us for the rest of our UDT training courses! 

  • forklifts 
  • cranes 
  • cranes 
  • mobile platforms 

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Questions and answers

What qualifications must be obtained to operate telehandlers?

In order to operate telehandlers, it is necessary to obtain the relevant licence issued by the UDT. Having a licence for other types of forklift truck does not entitle you to work as a telehandler operator.

What equipment can be operated after a telehandler course?

With a telehandler operator licence, you can operate forklift trucks, straight telehandlers, rotary telehandlers.

How long is the licence for variable reach specialised forklifts valid?

UDT authorisations for telehandler operators are valid for 5 years. Thereafter, you must apply for their renewal at least 3 months before the expiry date and include a certificate of having worked with loaders for a minimum of 3 years.