Gain qualification as a warehouse stacker crane maintainer 

You are cordially invited to attend a training course preparing you for work as a warehouse stacker crane operator or maintainer. In order to start working in this profession, you need to obtain the necessary authorisations. During the training, our instructors will do their best to provide you with the knowledge you need to obtain these authorisations.  

stacker crane at work

Course programme  

The warehouse stacker crane maintenance licence course is divided into two parts. The theoretical part, i.e. lectures, and the practical part, which consists of learning skills on the machines, under the supervision of a specialised instructor. After completing the training, the trainees take an exam before a UDT commission. If a trainee passes the exam, he or she is issued with a qualification certificate confirming entitlement to work in the chosen position.  

Thematic scope

  • basic knowledge of technical supervision, 
  • construction of the electrical part (power supply, drive, control), 
  • operation of storage stacker cranes, 
  • construction of mechanical parts, 
  • construction of pneumatic and hydraulic components, 
  • safety apparatus and devices, 
  • basics of health and safety regulations, 
  • operator position,  
  • maintenance position, 
  • cargo handling. 

Forms of conducted activities 

  • stationary - training at our training centre or at the training provider's workplace, 
  • remotely - self-study, through access to learning materials on an online platform, 
  • live streaming - real-time education in a virtual space,
  • practical part - instructor-led classes on the manoeuvring area. 

Maintenance work - responsibilities 

  1. Regular reviewy: The maintenance person should carry out regular inspections of the storage stacker crane in order to detect damage, faults or wear on parts at an early stage, thus avoiding major breakdowns and risks. 
warehouse stacker crane in the hall
  1. Maintenance of the stacker crane components: the maintenance man should carry out cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of the stacker crane components, such as chains, rollers and bearings, to ensure their smooth and safe operation. 
  1. Repair of defects: if defects are detected, the maintenance technician should repair or replace the defective components, as recommended by the equipment manufacturer. 
  1. Maintenance of documentation: the maintenance technician should keep records of inspections, repairs and the replacement of parts in order to have full control over the condition of the equipment and to enable its proper management. 
  1. Ensuring safety: the maintenance man has the task of ensuring the safe operation of the storage machine, which includes designating safety zones and checking the functioning of the safety systems. 
  1. Replacement of consumables: the maintenance technician must regularly replace the stacker crane's consumables, such as conveyor belts or chains, to ensure their proper functioning and minimise the risk of breakdown. 

What are stacker cranes?   

Warehouse stacker cranes are machines used in logistics in the broadest sense. They are handling equipment that allows pallets to be manipulated on racks. The stacker cranes are machines that increase the efficiency of the work carried out in refrigerated warehouses. Thanks to this machine, the operator does not have to stay for long periods of time in cold areas. 

Conditions of participation in the course: 

  • at least 18 years of age,  
  • minimum primary education,  
  • a medical certificate attesting to a good state of health permitting work as a warehouse stacker crane operator/maintenance person.  
warehouse stacker crane at work

Course location 

Courses are held in our training centres located in major cities throughout Poland. It is also possible to hold the course at the facility of the company commissioning the training for its employees.  


The price of the course is set individually and depends on the number of participants, as well as the location where the course will be held.  

Other training  

You are also welcome to take part in our other courses. Amongst others, we offer courses on: 

  • cranes, 
  • HDS cranes, 
  • forklifts, 
  • mobile platforms,  
  • winches and hoists.  

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Questions and answers

Is it possible to hold the course at a location other than your premises?

Of course, we deliver courses throughout Poland, at the client's place of work. 

Is it possible to attend the theory part online?

Of course, this is a possibility but we encourage you to attend the training in person during the theoretical classes.