Forklift trucks
You are invited to attend a course on forklift trucks to the ERGON Personnel Training Centre! Participants in our training courses always learn about forklift trucks comprehensively - certification with us is therefore very easy to obtain. All our forklift truck courses are based on the experience of our qualified lecturers and instructors as well as the latest legislation. The courses are taught at all levels, so you can obtain I, II, III WJO qualifications to operate any type of equipment.

Lift truck training in ERGON Center is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. During the theoretical part, information related to the construction and functioning principles of the equipment and its safe operation in accordance with the regulations is covered Health and Safety and UDT. In the practical part, participants learn how to manoeuvre the equipment and carry out various jobs. At the end of the training course, it is possible to take the UDT exam and obtain the authorisations. Thanks to the fact that our training courses are always conducted comprehensively and with an emphasis on results, obtaining authorisations is made much easier!

Lift trucks or otherwise forklifts are handling equipment with versatile applications. They are used to transport goods mainly on wooden pallets in warehouses, production halls, shops or ports.

The division of trolleys is according to categories UDT qualifications. Within these, we distinguish between equipment with different drive types, including: electric, battery, petrol and diesel. In terms of operation, a distinction is made between stacker trucks, lift trucks, tractor trucks, loaders and special trucks. In terms of steering, the equipment is divided into steerable, platform, remote-controlled and seat-equipped.

Types of permissions
The UDT distinguishes 3 categories of authorisations necessary to operate these devices:

  • Category I WJO:
    - lift trucks
    - special purpose stacker trucks - with operator-powered lift with load and variable reach
  • Category II WJO:
    - lift trucks, except specialised trucks
  • Category III WJO:
    - lift trucks, steered and remote-controlled

Purpose of the training
The training courses on offer are designed for those who are 18 years of age or older, have no medical contraindications to be an operator and have completed at least primary school.

Currently, many workplaces are looking for employees who are qualified to operate forklift trucks. The training courses held at our centre will therefore be a very good investment to help you find employment. We also organise training courses for groups of employees referred by an employer. We can carry them out at a convenient time and place.

We invite you to take advantage of the offer!