Rights and obligations of the employee and the employer

There are a lot of laws that are worth knowing, as they are what help us feel safe at work and additionally know our rights as employees.

Constitution of the Republic of Poland 

At the outset, it is worth mentioning that labour protection is guaranteed by Article 24 of the Polish Constitution. On the other hand, Article 32 tells us about the principle of equality and the prohibition of discrimination.  

obligations of the employer

It is worth remembering that both of these principles do not only apply to social life, but also to political and economic life - and this means that in the workplace, too, there is a total ban on discriminating against others on any grounds.  

The Constitution guarantees us a lot in terms of work. Did you know that the free choice of work, is also guaranteed thanks to it? Furthermore, it is the law that determines the minimum wage we can receive.  

What, according to the law, does the employer have to do?  

Above all, regardless of all factors, an employer must respect the dignity and other personal rights of its employees. Aspects of Occupational Health and Safety, including training in this area, are also the responsibility of the employer.  

Often in job advertisements you can read about 'opportunities for development in our company' and, contrary to appearances, this is true, as one of the employer's obligations is to provide employees with opportunities to improve their professional skills.  

The most important obligation of an employer is the equal treatment of all employees with regard to the establishment and termination of employment relationships, terms and conditions of employment, promotion and access to training to improve professional qualifications regardless of gender, age, disability, union membership, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation - all this is ensured by Article 18 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.  

What are the capabilities of the employee?  

employee capabilities

Employees have the right to equal treatment of both male and female employees.   

In addition to the basic and obvious right to remuneration, an employee also has the right to rest. This is ensured by the regulations on working time and days off and on annual leave.  

The employee is free to participate in the management of the workplace, subject, of course, to predefined rules.  

These rights, and many more, can be found in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and in the Labour Law Code. It is worth remembering that ignorance of the law harms, and the more aware we are of our rights and obligations, the more respected and responsible employees we will become.