Handling equipment services

Performing a machine audit

The company "ERGON" provides a number of services for UDT equipment, and more precisely our specialisation is related to machines used for handling, which are subject to the Office of Technical Inspection. We have been operating in the market for UDT machines for many years. We carry out a number of services related to UDT equipment, namely sales, servicing, audits, consultancy and many other related services. 

Our service offering 

Based on the needs of our clients, we have prepared a range of services for UDT machines, among others: 

  • carrying out machine audits, 
  • sale of new and used UDT equipment, 
  • extensive maintenance services (including modernisation, reconditioning and maintenance), 
  • advice on the purchase of machinery, 
  • consultation with experts. 
Service personnel

Sale of UDT machines 

One of our many specialities is the sale of UDT equipment. We sell new as well as used UDT equipment from recognised brands on the market. The used machines that we offer for sale have undergone all the tests that are to verify their further operation. If a machine passes the tests, it is offered for sale, and if any irregularities are detected with the equipment, we place it in the hands of our service department. Our specialists consistently carry out maintenance and other necessary operations to make the machine fit for further use. Every new machine purchased from us can perform work from the moment it is delivered. We make it possible for our customers to deliver the purchased equipment to the chosen location. The machines that can be purchased from us are: 

  • forklifts, 
  • telescopic handlers, 
  • HDS cranes, 
  • aerial work platforms, 
  • scissor lifts. 

In addition, we also offer you the opportunity to take advantage of advisory services provided by our specialists. Our advisors will assist you in selecting the right machine for your area of work and will provide you with information on machine specifications. 


We also direct you to our service which includes audits, maintenance, upgrades, periodic inspections, reconditioning and complete machine repairs. Our service is staffed by people with several years of experience in servicing UDT equipment. All repairs of breakdowns or faults are carried out on spare parts, so that the execution of service work takes much less time and does not prolong your downtime. 

Sale of telescopic loader


We are also active in the aspect of training, namely we provide courses for those willing to take up a job as a UDT machine operator or maintainer. The training courses are conducted by our outstanding group of instructors, who will carefully prepare you to pass the UDT exam.