Vocational training for excavators

excavator during ground work

The training centre ,,ERGON" provides courses for excavators and backhoe loaders for operators and maintainers. The entire training is the responsibility of our qualified team of instructors, who will carefully prepare each participant so that he or she can easily pass the state examination. 

Training program 

During the course you will learn many things about excavators. The programme is designed to provide essential information, during the course you will learn things such as: 

  • excavator design, 
  • information on technical supervision, 
  • health and safety rules, 
  • messages concerning the correct operation of the machine, 
  • knowledge on how to carry out maintenance correctly, 
  • duties to be fulfilled by the operator or maintainer. 

You will learn these things during the theoretical lessons, while during the practical lessons we will teach you how to work the machine correctly. In addition, we will show you what tasks you will perform during your further work or which will appear on the state examination. 

How do you get your excavator licence? 

The most important step is to enrol on a course to gain knowledge and first experience of working with an excavator. Once you have acquired the necessary information and skills, you will take an examination before a board of the Institute of Mechanisation of Construction and Rock Mining in order to obtain your excavator licence. At the exam you can expect two stages, namely a theoretical and a practical exam. The first consists of demonstrating theoretical knowledge about the excavator and health and safety rules. During the second stage, we have to demonstrate our ability to work with this equipment in a correct manner with the rules of use of the excavator. Successful completion of the state examination means that we are licensed to work with the excavator.  

practical classes using the device

The most popular excavator manufacturers  

Once you have been certified by IMBiGS to operate excavators, you will be able to work on all equipment, regardless of manufacturer. The most common excavators include equipment from these manufacturers: 

  • JCB, 
  • Atlas, 
  • Hitachi, 
  • Sany, 
  • Hyundai. 

What are excavators?  

Excavators are construction equipment used to carry out earthworks. Their use is mainly based on the excavation of soil or the transfer of soil to a transport device or stockpile. These machines are also used in the mining, transport and earthmoving sectors. These machines are subject to technical supervision, so it is necessary to have the appropriate authorisations. 

Backhoe loader  

backhoe loader at work

This machine is a motorised vehicle and consists of a tracked or wheeled chassis, which is the load-bearing assembly, and a body on which the engine and operator's cab are located. This machine has an additional component, namely the hydraulic working systems. The tasks carried out by this machine include loading and unloading loads, transporting components over short distances and excavating.  

Our other training courses 

We run courses on other machines such as: 

  • backhoe loaders, 
  • cranes, 
  • forklifts, 
  • telescopic handlers, 
  • mobile platforms. 

Questions and answers

What can a participant expect during the training?

Each participant in our training can expect to learn about: excavator design, technical supervision, health and safety rules, the responsibilities of the operator and/or maintainer, the correct operation of the machine and how to carry out maintenance correctly.  

How do you get your excavator licence?

Persons wishing to obtain a licence for excavators must first undergo preparatory training and then pass an examination before a board of the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw. This institute is responsible for conducting examinations for excavators.