Sale of new and used equipment

We sell new as well as used UDT machines. Our speciality in this area is equipment that comes under the Office of Technical Inspection and is categorised as material handling. By looking into our range of products, you will find many well-known brands that have a great reputation among their users. 

Moving platform in the warehouse

What are UDT devices? 

These machines have been given the colloquial name 'heavy equipment', owing to their large size. They are primarily used for activities such as transport, carrying out storage work and loading. UDT stands for Office of Technical Inspection, and is the entity that deals with heavy equipment, namely conducting examinations, registering equipment, periodic inspections and audits.  

UDT categories 

We can distinguish four categories, namely: 

  • pressure equipment, 
  • non-pressurised equipment, 
  • fuel vapour recovery equipment, 
  • handling equipment. 

Handling devices 

Upgrading the crane in the service

We provide materials handling services, which means that you will only find machines that fall under UTB in our offer. Materials handling machines are mainly used to lift items and then move them to a fixed location. The most common loads lifted by these machines include materials, people and equipment, but workers can be transported on some machines (scissor lifts) over small distances to carry out work at height or those in hard-to-reach places.  

Equipment categorised as materials handling includes: 

  • crane, 
  • HDS crane, 
  • mobile platform, 
  • industrial lift, 
  • forklift truck. 

Our sales offer 

In our offer, you will notice that we sell new and used equipment. These machines come from a number of well-known and internationally recognised manufacturers and our equipment will arrive to you in perfect condition. If the customer is not interested in purchasing a new machine, we then make it possible to purchase a used machine, which undergoes specialised testing for further use before being offered for sale. Of course, we also carry out retrofitting, which improves the machine's technical condition and allows it to continue working. We also make it possible to use our consultant to describe the specifications of the machine. We deliver the machines to the address indicated by the customer.  


Used machine service 

We also carry out servicing for Material Handling Equipment. In our service, we have high quality spare parts that are sure to prove themselves when carrying out repairs. The work taking place in our workshop is carefully consulted with the customer. 

The most popular brands 

Forklift offer: 

  • Toyota, 
  • Still, 
  • BT, 
  • Jungheinrich, 
  • Manitou, 
  • Hyundai, 
  • Linde, 
  • Mitsubishi, 
  • OMV. 

Offer for mobile platforms: 

  • Manitou, 
  • JLG, 
  • Bottoms, 
  • Omme, 
  • Lionlift, 
  • Aerial, 
  • Basket, 
  • Haulotte. 

If you are interested in our sales offer, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details. 

Questions and answers

Which UTBs do you have on sale?

Our sales range includes forklifts, mobile platforms, cranes and HDS cranes.  

What happens to used machines before they go on sale?

These machines undergo an audit and the necessary tests at our service centre to verify that they are suitable for safe work with them. If the tests show no faults, they are then included in our sales range.