Become a maintenance or UDT operator

For years, our training company "ERGON" has been successively undertaking the training of new trainees, in the field of maintenance and operator qualifications. The main objective is to specialise valued employees in the face of the requirements of the modern labour market. We implement the training form by organising courses in accordance with the Technical Inspection Authority. Thanks to the knowledge and skills of our lecturers, we can boast a high pass rate for UDT authorisations.  

man in a helmet working on a mobile platform

Choice of training 

Many years of experience allow our centres to create an attractive training offer. This includes maintenance courses for a wide range of materials handling equipment. Each machine requires a separate course and therefore a separate training programme. Trainees can choose from the training courses listed below, these include: 

  • maintenance and operator course for mobile platforms, 
  • maintenance and operator course for rope-operated mobile platforms, 
  • maintenance and fork-lift truck operator course, 
  • maintenance and operator course for cranes, 
  • maintenance and operator course for cranes: railway, on-board, mobile, HDS, tower, self-propelled, 
  • maintenance and operator course for fixed-mounted tower cranes, 
  • maintenance and operator course for cranes, 
  • maintenance and fork-lift truck operator course: walk-behind, remote-controlled, operator-lifted with load and variable reach. 

Course content 

To meet the expectations of prospective trainees, we can offer both open and closed training. The course itself takes place in two interdependent stages. There is a division into a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part is responsible for getting to know the basic concepts used in the maintenance industry, in addition to learning about the construction of the chosen equipment, the correct way to use it in accordance with current health and safety rules. The lectures are given by trained trainers willing to share their expertise. Once the participant is familiar with all the issues covered in the theoretical part, he or she can move on to the practical part. Under the supervision of qualified instructors, the trainee will practice on the manoeuvring area. You will learn how to operate, repair, maintain and use the machine correctly. The tasks prepared by us will prepare participants to successfully complete the maintenance or operator's exam before a commission appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection. 

trainee tested on the manoeuvring area

State maintenance/operator exam 

The examinations for the UDT licence, irrespective of the choice of equipment, take place in an alternative way to the course taken. The examination process begins with a theoretical part, during which the examinee takes a test with single-choice questions. The test itself contains 15 closed questions, and the correct solution of 11 of these allows the examination to proceed to the practical part. The practical part includes the examination process on the manoeuvring area, where the future maintainer demonstrates his/her skills in operating the equipment under the supervision of UDT inspectors. A positive result of the exam qualifies the participant to receive UDT qualification certificates, to work as a maintainer or operator of the chosen equipment. 

The validity of qualification certificates is 5-10 years, depending on the machines selected. Three months before the expiry of the certificates, it is necessary to apply to the UDT to renew the documents. 

Requirements for trainees 

In order to be able to undertake training at our centre, the prospective trainee must meet a number of requirements. These are conditioned by the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection. The trainee is required to: 

  • completion of 18 years of age, 
  • the absence of contraindications from the occupational physician to exercise the profession, 
  • at least primary education. 

Working in the maintenance profession 

Maintenance and UDT-certified operators, depending on the equipment chosen, will find employment in, among others, warehouses, workshops, the construction industry or production halls and more. Acquiring new skills and professional qualifications significantly increases opportunities on the labour market, which comes with a higher salary. 

Price list of courses 

udt operator at work

The price of training depends on individual courses, the number of candidates and current promotions. Please feel free to contact us by email or telephone for the full range of courses and the price list.  

Where can you find us?

Our main training branch is located in Warsaw. We also offer training and courses with travel to the customer throughout Poland. 

Questions and answers

What courses do you have on offer?

We offer a range of courses in the field of handling machinery. We can offer courses in: mobile platform maintainer and operator, forklift maintainer, crane maintainer, crane maintainer and crane maintainer. 

What requirements do I need to fulfil to enter maintenance training for handling equipment?

To join the training you must: be at least 18 years of age, provide a medical certificate of no contraindication and have at least an elementary education.