Professional welding training 

The training centre "ERGON" offers a course in fibre optic welding. We introduce you to our refined courses, where you will acquire extensive knowledge from the best professionals.  

welding of optical fibers

Why is welding training with us a good decision? 

We have more than 15 years of experience in providing training. In total, we have trained several thousand people. We provide comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge, delivered in a clear manner by trusted professionals. The demand for professionals in this sector is growing rapidly, so investing in this course is a future-proof decision. With this course, you can become established on the labour market.  

What will you learn and gain from the training? What are the wages of a welder? 

During the training you will, among other things: 

  • make fibre optic connectors by adhesive bonding,  
  • prepare cables for cutting,  
  • make control measurements, 
  • detect and correct errors during welding, 

Topics discussed during the theoretical classes include: 

FTTH fibre optic cables
  • structure and types of fibre optic cables,  
  • fibre optic construction,  
  • Fibre optic connector types and applications, 
  • FTTH cable laying methods,  
  • correct installation of fibre optic connectors, 
  • types of fibre optic welding machines, 
  • FTTH fibre welding techniques,  
  • thermal joint parameters,  
  • health and safety rules and taking control measurements.  

After such a training course, you will receive a certificate from us on its completion, and thus have the opportunity to become qualified to practise your profession. 

Requirements for participation - who is the course for? 

We dedicate the course primarily to people who are ambitious to learn, but also to those whose work requires the skills in question. We qualify individuals, but also installers and employees in the telecommunications industry. Installers of computer networks, employees in the IT or electronics industry, salespeople or Internet providers are welcome.  

installation of optical fibre connectors

The necessary requirements for the course are the age of 18, completion of at least primary school and a medical certificate that there are no medical contraindications to the work. 

Formalities, i.e. price, place and time 

We provide training nationwide, and we offer travel to the client's address. We also have training courses personalised to the client. These take place at a location that is convenient for you. Price Training is arranged on an individual basis; we give discounts for larger groups. 

To find out more, we invite you to call us.