Learn about the types and uses of telehandlers 

telehandler in agriculture

In a great many jobs, especially on construction sites or large farms, the help of specialised machinery is needed to make the job go faster and easier. Telescopic handlers come to the rescue. What are their types and what exactly is their use? 

Types of chargers

Telescopic handlers are machines whose design and functionality mean that there is a growing demand for operators of these machines. 

Of the most well-known and available telehandlers on the market, we can find two basic types: 

  • swivel
  • front.  

In the former, it is possible to change the position of the operator's cab, while when it comes to the latter, the cab is fixed. 

When broken down by the terrain on which the machine is to work, we divide them into two types: 

  • power-operated loaders
  • hydrostatic loaders
telescopic loader transporting the load

With the second type, hydraulic oil is used for the drive and the main components are pumps and motors. This type will work best for agricultural work on hard terrain. If, on the other hand, we are going to use the machine on deformed terrain, a loader with mechanical drive is definitely better. It is characterised by higher efficiency and the ability to handle heavier loads.  


On site 

When working on a construction site, the telehandler will definitely be an indispensable piece of equipment. It will allow you to move all kinds of heavy elements, such as concrete prefabricated elements, wooden construction elements, metal pipes and many other materials that cannot be moved by hand. The machine's great advantage is that it can be used on difficult terrain, such as ditches, which are often encountered on construction sites. 

In agriculture 

The versatility of telehandlers also allows them to be used on modern farms. If we are keeping animals, the machine can replace the tractor when it is necessary to spread manure, a device with a long arm will certainly be helpful when access to the dump is difficult. In addition, the machine can help with loading and unloading straw bales, which can be very heavy and impossible to move from one place to another by hand. And if we need to do work at heights? Here, too, the telehandler comes to the rescue - thanks to it, we can carry out many jobs with just one machine. 

Other venues 

telehandler at work on a construction site

The capabilities of these machines also allow them to be used for other jobs where there is a need to move heavy materials or objects. They will therefore also prove useful in aviation, e.g. for towing aircraft, but they can also be used as a transport platform, which will allow a service technician to carry out an aircraft overhaul more quickly. 
In seaports when loading ships and in forestry when we need to move heavy wooden bales, road infrastructures, mines and during building renovations. Wherever a machine is needed to move weights or large dimensions, it will be an indispensable aid.

Questions and answers

What types of telehandlers are there?

Telescopic handlers can be divided into two basic types: rotary and front-end loaders. With regard to drive, we divide them into those with mechanical drive and those with hydrostatic drive.

What is the use of telehandlers on construction sites?

It will allow you to move all sorts of heavy items, such as precast concrete elements, wooden structural elements, metal pipes and many other materials that cannot be moved by hand.

What is the use of telehandlers in agriculture?

They are useful for farm work - for distributing fertiliser, and for carrying heavy bales of straw or wood.

What jobs are telehandlers useful for?

They can be used for all kinds of work on the construction site. They can be used to move all kinds of heavy materials from place to place. In addition, they are used in forestry, agriculture, seaports or mines.