Repair of materials handling equipment

To become a UDT conservator you must meet certain criteria, which include: 

  • over eighteen years of age, 
  • have at least a vocational training, 
  • documented by a certificate that the participant has completed a primary/secondary school/technical college and has between 6 and 12 months of work experience with forklift trucks. 
forklift truck under repair

The entitlements obtained on completion of the course, after passing the specialist examination, are unlimited in time and are recognised throughout the country. Abroad, the entitlement depends on the regulations in force there. Such a document becomes the UTD equipment maintenance pass. 

The permits obtained allow: 

  • the proper elimination of faults so that they occur as seldom as possible, 
  • inspection of each piece of UDT equipment just before it is released for use, 
  • supervising the technical condition of UDT equipment, 
  • making changes to oils, lubricants, gases, as well as other components that can be operated, 
  • drawing up proper technical documentation. 

It is also important to bear in mind that the person in the role of UDT equipment maintainer must have adequate knowledge related to health and safety. This is to ensure proper safety in the place where the contracted work will be carried out, and also to ensure that reports are given more quickly and easily by employees. 

Which appliances do we repair? 

We service UDT equipment, among others: 

  • forklifts, 
  • telescopic handlers, 
  • stacker cranes, 
  • cranes, 
  • mobile platforms, including aerial work platforms and scissor lifts, 
  • HDS cranes. 

Who is the UDT equipment maintainer? 

service technician repairing mobile platforms

This is a person who has undergone specialised training, culminating in an examination, and has acquired sufficient knowledge to properly care for, i.e. maintain, equipment approved by the Technical Supervision Authority. Such equipment can be found, for example, in warehouses, construction sites or other designated areas where handling equipment is used. 

Why are UDT conservator courses important? 

As we mentioned above, the maintainer is actually responsible for safety at the workplace where the UDT equipment will be used. 

All equipment which, despite being properly secured and regularly checked, can be damaged. If the future maintenance technician acquires the necessary knowledge in this area, he or she is able to protect workers, as well as people on the construction site, in the warehouse and similar places, from danger. 

Safety is fundamental. However, more than once you hear about accidents that could have been avoided if care had been taken with the equipment, as well as the environment in which workers performed their duties. And as we all know, especially at work, we all want to make sure that the risk of injury is low. 

For this reason, the training we have on offer focuses not only on theoretical knowledge, but also on practical knowledge. You cannot rely solely on the former. You need to have knowledge relating to what the future maintenance technician will be dealing with. You need to touch and see with your own eyes what faults look like, including the most dangerous ones for human life and health, and how to properly protect yourself against them. 

What other courses do we recommend? 

In addition to courses for the maintenance of UDT equipment, we offer those related to the operation of such equipment. 

Our list includes courses on: 

  • forklift trucks, stacker trucks (manual as well as electric pallet trucks),  
  • telescopic handlers, and including an additional course on lift-cab loaded trucks, 
  • mobile cranes (HDS), self-propelled cranes, high-speed cranes and tower cranes, 
  • cranes, winches and hoists, 
  • mobile platforms, as well as lifts that can be mounted on a vehicle, the so-called basket lifts, 
  • proper and safe replacement of gas cylinders. 
construction machinery on site

We also offer courses for operators: 

  • harvesters, 
  • self-propelled forage harvester, 
  • mechanical chainsaws, 
  • chipper used for wood, 
  • internal combustion cutters, 
  • car lifts, 
  • gateman and hooker, 
  • vibratory rammers and compactors, 
  • concrete mixers and sweepers, 
  • mechanical snowblowers, 
  • hand-held impact tools, 
  • plastering units, 
  • saws necessary for cutting concrete and metals, 
  • hook signaller, 
  • sling inspection specialist, 
  • who are suitably qualified to remove concrete, 
  • with height qualifications. 

We invite you to take a look at our price list [link] and choose the most interesting and necessary courses for the moment. Our staff, who have professional training backed by relevant documents, will prepare each of your employees according to the highest quality standards of service. 

Questions and answers

Which machines do you service?

We repair machines belonging to the technical supervision. This includes forklift trucks, mobile platforms, cranes, stacker cranes and telescopic handlers. 

How to become a UDT equipment maintainer?

In order to become a UDT machine maintainer, you must pass the state exam, which is the only way to obtain specialised confirmation of UDT machine maintenance skills.

How long does the UDT course take?

It all depends on the knowledge of the candidate. However, we encourage you to contact us to find out more about the training and details of the offer.